Chernobyl Tours

Pripyat Fairground Wheel

Professional Chernobyl tours to visit the Chernobyl area, Ukraine. CHERNOBYLwel.come operates trips and tours; with the best photography locations, private tours and 2 day tours with accommodation in Chernobyl city, we’re the best choice for your next adventure.

We’re an independent Chernobyl tour company dedicated to providing the best service, ultimate experience and to finding the best locations. We have hosted many tours to Chernobyl and have thousands of satisfied customers. Be a part of history and join us!

Years after the Chernobyl disaster, it is now easy and safe to take tours of 1986 Soviet Russia, visiting Pripyat and the exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl power station. See how nature has taken over and overruled the exclusion zone and see this amazing place for yourself.

Pripyat Housing Block

2 Day Chernobyl Tours

2 days in Chernobyl is our speciality and to see the most from the area you really need more than just 1 day. With our 2 day Chernobyl Tours you’ll visit Chernobyl Docks, Cooling Towers, Reactor Number 4, Red Forest, Pripyat and much more. In 2 days you’ll also eat with the workers of Chernobyl and spend a night in Chernobyl city’s most luxurious hotel, making this experience truly unique.

Private Chernobyl Tours

Concentrating the Chernobyl tour on exactly what you want to see and moving at your own pace are the benefits of a private Chernobyl Tour. We can tailor your visit to concentrate on whichever part of Chernobyl is most important to you, visiting just Pripyat and seeing a more in-depth view of the abandoned city is made easier.

If venturing further into the exclusion zone or wildlife spotting is more your thing, we can easily custom make a tour for whatever requirements you have. Contact us now to discuss our private tours.

Chernobyl Tours – Ukraine

Our tours start in Kiev, Ukraine and our minibuses usually pick up from the main train station. From pick up to drop off, everything within the tour is taken care of, an effortless tour of history and nature from the experts.

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