Missile Base Tour

You’re the one who can bring this world to an end!

That’s the feeling you get when you press the button in the missile base control centre 45 meters below ground. The systems start to yell and you see the silos open and in 10 seconds all 10 rockets are in the air. Thankfully, these systems were never in use, but the experience of visiting the only missile base museum in the world is REAL.

  • 100% real threat
  • 50+ rockets
  • 40 meters below the surface
  • 20+ military vehicles and tanks
  • 10 silos
  • 3 hours of incredible stories
  • 1 control room

It is the year 1971, cold war; The Soviet Union is building strategic missile bases all over the territory of the republics of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. All bases are equipped with dozens of nuclear warheads. Many of these missile troops are still in operation and you will visit the only one which is now opened to the public. The Museum of Strategic Missile Troops, founded in 2001 near the Ukrainian city of Pervomaysk (south of Kiev) is a Missile base completely equipped as if it is in use.

Missile Base Tour locations

To better describe the atmosphere of one of the most secret and secured military sites in the Soviet Union you may have a look at the pictures:

The 3 hour excursion around the Missile base makes you think, how close was the world to destroying itself. The Soviet prime minister was able to launch four of the most powerful rockets from the Moscow area by a push of one button. Automatically, missiles from all over the whole USSR could have been launched to the pre-set targets. After the official foreclosure of the 46 Missile Division of Strategic Armed Forces in 1999 the target names were uncovered and now we know that the missiles from this base were aimed at US and Europe strategic objects.


The price is final, no hidden fees. The reservation is not binding until you confirm it. 100% money back guarantee.

Price includes: transportation from/back to Kiev, English guide, museum entrance fees, control room entrance fee, filming and photo fees, and a lunch. The sum is paid via PayPal or in cash at the bus, no need for booking/cancellation fees!

*Travellers joining us on any of Chernobyl tours enjoy a special price of $109/£89/€99

Tours are organized from Kiev to the Museum of Strategic Missile Troops directly by CHERNOBYLwel.come. You can choose from one of the group tours in the calendar.


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If you cannot find the right trip to Missile base in the calendar, please CONTACT US and order a Private tour.

The Program

  • Leaving Kiev 8 AM – Central railway station (in case of private tour the pick up place is your address in Kiev)
  • Arriving at Museum of Strategic Missile Troops at 11:30 AM
  • Departing from the Museum of Strategic Missile Troops at 2:30 PM
  • Lunch stop at 3:00 PM
  • Arriving back in Kiev around 6 PM

Be one of few adventurers who feels the cold war atmosphere, who can launch a nuclear rocket from a command room 40 meters underground. All the places you will see and try are as they were left when the missile base was closed when all systems were working. You will see all the equipment and interiors which are used nowadays in the Russian army. You will also find answers on questions why the people working with missiles are able to live only 20-25 years, why were the missiles silos covered in wax, how could the officers in control room survive 45 days after a nuclear attack.

What is behind the price of tours?

  • Maximum program - we want you to see more than everything
  • Soviet military base exploration to the maximum
  • Small groups (maximum 10 people)
  • No advance payments - we trust you
  • History with you - old photographs, stories, myths, controversy, live inhabitants, videos
  • Friendly - we will not forget you after the tour, you are a part of Chernobyl friends family!
  • Lunch

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Missile Base Tour as a gift

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