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Our team

  • Maja

    Customer Happiness Magician

    Once upon a time…she was a small ball of energy, always smiling. Maja loves globe-trotting and one day back in 2011 she wandered into the Zone. Her heart stayed there. She loves traveling and now especially…Chernobyl. She is known as a person who loves to help out, laughs a lot and she likes to capture special moments and places. Yes, she is a professional photographer, but her typewriting is faster than your sneeze, so answers to your questions will be faster than you might think! :-)


    Customer Happiness Magician
  • Tanya

    Lara Chernobyl Croft

    A young daring person filled with life, energy and exuberance that tends to be contagious. She has got enough bravery (though some people call it craziness :) )to step out of her comfort zone into another kind of zone - the exclusion one :) Being deeply curious about all things in the world she is always ready to share her knowledge with others, and she gladly does that during the tours, along with keeping people alive in Chernobyl! If you wish to cherish your Chernobyl tour to the max she will do her best to combine sightseeing and safety in the best way possible!


    Lara Chernobyl Croft
  • Dominik

    Slavedriver :-)

    A proud father of 3 daughters, a passionate ice hockey player and Chernobyl-addicted traveler, Dominik established CHERNOBYLwel.com in 2008, after his first trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. His background is in journalism. Yes, the sentences on this webpage have been created by him – with grammar mistakes! :-) Dominik is obsessed with customer satisfaction, so sometimes he gives his colleagues a hard time. But it’s just to make YOU happy.


    Slavedriver :-)
  • Martin

    Managing Reactor

    Responsible for planning, organizing and implementing activities to ensure the functioning and development of CHERNOBYLwel.come. With the soul of a traveler, Martin seeks to discover unusual countries and places. That is why he got to Chernobyl the first time, and later decided to help Chernobyl community and spread its story.


    Managing Reactor
  • Claire

    nUKe Ambassador

    Claire is a student of Chernobyl, a teacher of design, and a practicing artist who is passionate about the exclusion zone. She is totally and constantly inspired by Chernobyl and Pripyat and bases much of her artwork on this mesmerizing place. She will happily tell you about her experiences and how great CHERNOBYLwel.come is!   Based in the UK she works remotely for CHERNOBYLwel.come except for when she is in the zone.


    nUKe Ambassador
  • Yurij

    Nuclear Marketing Guru

    Once upon a time he was an armed policeman in service for his country. However, times have changed and when he visited Chernobyl in April 2015 – the Chernobyl exclusion zone became his radiation destiny and now he is the glowing guru of RADIATION marketing. He vowed to protect the legacy of Chernobyl nuclear fallout and to never forget. He brings an insight to the Chernobyl disaster with the stories behind the tragedy via photos, videos, design and copywriting in the digital universe – that is, the internet. He builds space rockets to conquer the universe and the Milky Way. We call him the ‘digital Gagarin’, he prefers just Yurij.


    Nuclear Marketing Guru
  • Martin

    Chief scientist

    Martin writes the Radiation Diaries for us, where he explains the physics behind radioactivity and all the "science" stuff that You have ever wondered about. He is an actual physicist with a doctoral degree in theoretical high-energy physics. So, at least theoretically :), he should know what he is talking about. He has visited Chernobyl in 2015 and got immediately enchanted by the Zone. While his work keeps him far away, his heart belongs to the Zone.


    Chief scientist


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