Should you be affraid of radiation?

Should you be affraid of radiation?

Word ‘radiation’ is being exploited by media as something dangerous and life threatening that always brings attention of viewers. Truth is: radiation is boring and common. Even the Earth is radioactive and always has been. There are many places with high levels of natural radioactivity where people live unaffected. Popular example is Iranian town of Ramsar where radiation exceeds world’s average limit two hundred times. Despite the situation, people of Ramsar have no higher numbers in cancer or leukaemia occurrences.

The overall radiation level in the area of Chernobyl nuclear power plant is higher than normal but totally safe for humans. What is more, the time spent on the sight during the visit is too short to be affected by radiation. If you use your common sense and do not enter no go zones with higher radiation you are safe.

Government monitors the Zone and some parts are marked strictly as no go areas. The official tour operators are allowed to enter only selected areas where levels of radiation are not that high so you don’t get high radiation doses. Our professional guides know the safe routes so as you listen to their instructions there is no health risk to you. Strength of radiation on Chernobyl sight is subject of quick change depending on many factors such is wind, distance from the source and time of exposure. Always listen to our skilled guides to ensure your safety. 

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