The countdown has started

The countdown has started

The idea has been there for some time already, but the actual festival of Chernobyling in 2017 was actually a wake up call. The team was exhausted, confused, tired, disappointed….and yet felt like they had reached the summit of Mount Everest. We had no expectations from the first year of what I called ‘the next stage of showing Chernobyl to the world’, we managed all the issues that before had seemed unimaginable and insurmountable, over 400 visitors had a great time, bands, artists and VIP’s forgave us all the ‘teething troubles’ and we made it to the train back to the Chernobyl zone with the heroine of the festival - Chernobyl babushka Valentina.

Me and Chernobyl Babushka - Valentina

After two weeks when having our first post-festival team meeting, summing up and giving feedback I did not expect that anybody would be willing to go through the 9 months preparation torture again. I was given a big surprise. From the 15+ team members there was only 1 (apart from me) who did not want to join in again. I said to myself: this must be a HUGE thing if almost everybody wants to do it again. For free. In their spare time.

So this is what happened next: we joined our efforts with the stellar team and likeminded people of the post-apocalyptic festival The Pit, we moved the main festival location to Kiev and made dramatic program and tour changes to make it even more exciting and adventurous. At the same time, we are being more careful with the costs, as last year (as expected) we finished at a loss and had to cover the charity tour to help the Chernobyl babushkas (again) from personal and company funds. In 2018 we decided to make things more simple and affordable.

Unforgettable night in Slavutych

So, what you can expect this time? I will try not to be set in stone and so, we will reveal the headliners, tour leaders and program step by step. We have secured an epic (and post-apocalyptic) location,  a former exhibition area with an underground mine in the heart of Kiev. Besides the famous ‘The Pit’  in the underground with anti-casino, costumes and a shooting range, outside visitors will get an adrenaline rush in the adventure zone with Geocaching, extreme sports (e.g. sling shot), and inside the pavilion you can expect a grand stage with concerts and workshops, art area and chill out zone. You can easily spend whole 3 days in this ‘anti-world’, but we also want you to experience the hidden parts of Chernobyl zone, of course. Tours with VIP’s such as famous book authors, bloggers, liquidators, former workers of the Chernobyl power plant and many more. Together we will show you Chernobyl in a way it has never been shown before and will never be seen again. Besides tours to Chernobyl, tours in and around Kiev - underground, WW2 or missile base will be run on a daily basis during the festival. I know you do not need another reason to come. But we needed another reason to organise it one more time. It is the day after - on SEP 3rd, 2018 (Monday) where thanks to you and your donations we will run a charity tour to Chernobyl and also a charity tour with a kids programme for the kids of the city of Slavutych (where evacuees from the Chernobyl zone live). You are welcome to join us on this day as well. 

The Chernobyling festival was designed to ‘bring Chernobyl back to life’, on the one hand we know it is a vision that might never be fulfilled, on the other hand it is something greater than anything we have ever done before. For more info please visit www.chernobyling.com and join this movement….even if it is the last thing you do this summer!

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