• 13/12/2018
  • Martin

We in CHERNOBYLwel.come value honesty. Well, among other things, honesty is one of our core values. So that's why we feel that we need to inform you about the current situation in Ukraine and Chernobyl truly, with no sweet talk.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Martial law ended on 28th December 2018, so now everything is back at normal even in the other regions where Martial law was set.

So what did actually happen?
You probably heard about all the nasty stuff that's going on in Ukraine's east part, such as annexation of Crimea and the conflicts in Donetsk and Luhansk area that are happening since Euromaidan. These are not new to Ukraine, in contrary to what many newspapers have written. Voting for martial law is in fact a legal confirmation of the conflict with Russia, which dates back to 2014. 

What is "martial law"?
Martial law is an imposition of direct military control over certain functions of government. It is usually imposed in special cases, as a response to a temporary emergency, such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory. Scary it may seem, but in every day life in Kyiv, you wouldn't see the difference. The martial law was introduced for just 30 days, from November 26 till December 26 2018, and only in certain parts of the country. The aim of this decision is to strengthen the defense of Ukraine against the background of increasing tension with Russia.

Who is affected by martial law?
The martial law applies only for certain parts of the country (10 regions in total), along the Russia-Ukraine border and the coast of the Black sea. You can find complete list of the regions with valid martial law here. During these 30 days, Ukraine also banned all Russian men between the age of 16 and 60 from entering the country. 

Is my planned visit to Chernobyl endangered?
If you are visiting Chernobyl or any other of our tours in Ukraine, you don't have to worry at all. Kyiv where most of our tours take place, and Chernobyl Exclusion Zone itself are far from the conflict areas of Donetsk and Luhansk, and even further from Crimea. That's why we continue to organize the best and safest tours to Chernobyl. So despite the current media hype, you can come and visit Chernobyl as on any other day. 

If you have any questions regarding current situation in Ukraine, feel free to contact us anytime and we will gladly answer all your questions. 

Hope to see you soon :)

PS: Plus our guides were so kind and prepared a video directly from the Zone to reassure you, that everything is safe and peaceful there and ready for your visit ;)