Chernobyl will not be here forever...

  • 27/03/2019
  • Martin

Although we are constantly trying to preserve the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by helping out the Chernobyl babushkas, cleaning the Zone or by planting trees, Chernobyl will not be here forever. We know it and it's heartbreaking for us. Chernobyl (or Pripyat) is for many of us like a second home. People working, living and visiting the Zone is like a family to us. We couldn't imagine how will it be, when Chernobyl will completely disappear from the map.

Although it is a difficult vision, we have to look into the far future. That is why our creative team is already working on other ideas with which we would like to win your hearts as we did with trips to our beloved Chernobyl. So, for now, we're thinking about these businesses. We'll be glad if you'd send us some feedback or tip, 'cause we love & appreciate your feedback. From the very start we read each & every review on TripAdvisor or Facebook, e-mail, questionnaire and all the comments on social media. It helps us move forward and be even better! 

So, once again, the ideas (roughly) are:

Let's call it very simply for now. Imagine you would be part of a program that would reward you for the tours you were on. An online app, something like, but with tours around the world. You could browse, choose and book your adventure tour with different tour operators all around the world via our interface. For each tour you'll get bonus points as reward, which you can exchange for a discount or free tour for enough points. 

VR Tours
This is something that is not so groundbreaking on the first hand, but could help a lot of people to travel virtually. For example, to Chernobyl. Imagine you'll not be able to travel once due to advanced age, health or financial issues. But your adventurous soul wants to travel around the world and see all the interesting places, even if only virtually. So, our future project would be the solution for your needs, as it would be a program (app, ...) where you could buy various adventure tours from all around the world online and look on these places through VR (virtual reality). In addition, you could take these tour online, real-time. 

It's all about a surprise, because people love surprises! Imagine you are part of a community that travel around the world "blindly". You as a traveller will register to this community providing some details about your preferences. Then we, as an organizer, would try to come up with an interesting adventure tour according to your preferences, inviting you for a f.e. 7-day tour somewhere, keeping everything in secret until the very end. The type of tour and place are a surprise that will be revealed at the very last moment - f.e. on a meeting point on airport. All you know is that what you need to pack and when and where you should be to start your surprise tour. 

If any of these ideas is more or less interesting for you, we would love to hear your feedback on [email protected], as we mentioned above. 

Thank you!