Introducing the new POSTAPO 1 DAY TOUR!

  • 07/04/2019
  • Martin

Maybe you've already noticed the big change on our website. We were working hard for the past two months to recreate our most popular tour from all of our Chernobyl trips. And yes, we have dumped the retro concept to create something more exciting. Please, welcome the POSTAPO tour!

We get a lot of feedback from you and honestly, we love to read it. Every single one of your e-mails, suggestions through Facebook messages, calls or questionnaires after the tour will end up in the hands of our boss and then in our marketing team, which is responsible for developing and improving our trips. And we get a lot of prayers and requests if it is possible to spend even more time in Pripyat.

So guess what? Your feedback was the fuel to make this change. That's why our team sat down to create even more spectacular and exciting tour for you. The day trip program was redesigned & improved to make your day in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 100% from start to finish. That's why, from now on, you'll spent more time in Pripyat, see far more from the abandoned ghost town, which reminds us how the world would look after the apocalypse. Oh and also, we did not forget to add a stop at the monstrous and mindblowing secret military radar DUGA!

And thanks to help of our lovely guides who knows the Zone like the back of their hand, we have planned this one-day trip route in that way, that we should be visitng all the places at the time when the other tourists are somewhere else (during the high-season months), so you'll have the space to make great pictures! 

We're super-excited to introduce you our new POSTAPO tour, so if you're interested, click here and order your tour today.