Chernobyl Withdraws from the Quarantine

  • 18/06/2020
  • Helga

Since 1st of June 2020, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is open for the tourists with safety measures, but this time with a new one to prevent the spread ofCovid-19 infection.

We know that life will look different when cities and countries reopen. We already see signs of change that could become part of the new normal life for a long time. Are you afraid of the world after quarantine? We are not!

In CHERNOBYLwel.come, facing difficulties means - to have opportunities - to gain new knowledge, to be stronger than yesterday and to develop yourself. This pandemia is not an exception!

The 15th of June 2020 was a good sign for all of us! On this day, Ukraine opened the border for foreign travelers and resumed scheduled international flights. But adaptive quarantine is still ongoing in Ukraine, and this also applies to the Exclusion Zone. Make sure,that the borders of other countries are open  and check quarantine rules on your flight back home from Ukraine.

Safety, safety and safety again - the slogan not only of our company, but of all Chernobyl Zone.

What are the new rules on visiting the Chernobyl Zone and how will they be enforced?

Face masks everywhere

Sorry, our dear travelers, but you won't see beautiful smiles of your tour guide and driver because of the face mask, but we hasten to tell you, we always smile no matter what! And you will see it in our eyes.

Coming to the Exclusion Zone you use a mask (including homemade mask) or respirator. We have one for you in case you forgot yours. Don't forget to cover your nose and mouth, and replace the mask every 3 hours.

Our buses will be equipped with a separate container with a lid and disposable plastic bags for centralized collection and subsequent disposal of used personal protective equipment (masks, respirators, gloves).

Temperature Screening

Before entering the bus in Kiev, your tour guide will use a strange device like a Star Wars gun. No worries, it's for temperature measurement by non-contact method.

“BANG, BANG”, a couple of seconds and you'll see your body temperature. The same procedure will be at the Dityatky checkpoint. Persons with a temperature above 37.2 ° C and those with symptoms of respiratory diseases - are not allowed to visit. If such a person is found, the whole group is not allowed to enter the Zone. No worries, full refund or a new date for your tour in the next days will be managed by us in no time.


At the entrance to the bus, we arranged a place for hands disinfection with antiseptics.

At stops, our driver will ventilate the interior of the vehicle and wipe the surfaces with antiseptic. There will be quite a big distance between the driver and you, with the use of a physical barrier (the driver's cab will be isolated from the passengers cabin).

Even though our busses are spotless, after each visit to the Exclusion Zone, we clean our buses with detergents and disinfectants on all surfaces.


CHERNOBYLwel.come is closely monitoring the development of coronavirus. For us the health and safety of our tourists have been our top priority since 2008. During a pandemic, we continue to take care of you, our brave travelers!

That's why we have made the best possible preparation for our tours.

To sum it up, during pandemic all our tours will be provided with:

  • non-contact temperature screening
  • protective masks, gloves and antiseptic FOR FREE
  • groups - no more than 15 people
  • distance between passengers
  • disinfected, safe buses

Before starting the tour, your guide will conduct training on the rules for using personal protective equipment, their disposal, inform about the location of antiseptics in the bus, and monitor compliance with these rules.

If you suspect that you are carrying the infection, stay at home, inform others who may have been infected, as well as the health service. Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to refund or reschedule your tour in such a case. Thank you for your understanding.