How would our world look after the apocalypse?

  • 02/02/2018
  • Alex

The world after a global disaster - how does its appearance change? What place do people now take in this world and how does nature cope with the effects of a huge disaster? These are the questions that fascinate and inspire many of us, especially the more creative ones. And that is why every year we watch various movies and computer games that draw on this theme. The idea of a disaster with global consequences is not unrealistic in today's world, and that’s why this topic is more interesting for many of us.

Imagining the future in the post-apocalyptic world offers two different scenarios. The earth could be in a desolate state, where nature has done its job and is taking everything back, or - a utopian view of mankind that has been praised and experienced a great lesson. Both scenarios have been transformed into many great works of art. The list of most popular movies includes: Children of Men, Mad Max, Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow, 2012 or I, Legend. From the world of computer games, you will certainly know; Last of Us, Fallout, the Half-Life series, legendary S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or the famous The Walking Dead.

But everything is just a vision supported by a different story in the background. Zombies, mutants, nuclear explosion, global war, alien attack, occupation of the planet by another race, ... every one a fictional story. But what if you wanted to live through something like that on your own, but without experiencing the danger of death, harm to your health or any other attack? Of course, you surely can...

World after global apocalypse?“

This how buildings 30 years after people would look alike

One place where a major global catastrophe occurred nearly 32 years ago is just a few hours away from us. The Chernobyl Zone is just like a cut out of all post-apocalyptic films. It is full of forests, abandoned buildings and active nature, which is gradually taking back its territory. And where, in the city of Pripyat, which is only 2 kilometers from Chernobyl nuclear power plant, residents had to leave within three hours after the evacuation order, it has remained, since it was abandoned in 1986.

Chernobyl after apocalypse

Nature takes back her enviroment

Unique scenery, some socialist propaganda and pride, and the opportunity to experience a day or two as though people and technology have completely disappeared, will leave you with not only the enthusiasm of adventure but also the bitter taste of what can happen in a second on our planet. If you are a fan of science fiction, a special post-apo genre, then definitely do not miss this adventure (for Urbex fans its obligatory!), but ideally experience it in private. With a group of tourists, you will certainly enjoy the atmosphere, but it will not feel as if you are alone in the abandoned and destroyed world.

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