Why did I fall in love with Pripyat?

  • 09/02/2017
  • Alex

It reminds me of my hometown! One day, Dominik asked me: „What is it in the zone that you are most interested in?“ My answer was simple. „Pripyat.“

„OK, well, but what EXACTLY? There must be something that you want to know more about.“
„I am interested in Pripyat as a whole. There is nothing in particular that interests me more.“ And then I gave Dominik a simple explanation…that will relate to many others I am sure.

When I was on the roof of the tower block and I was looking down on the abandoned city, I imagined what Most (my hometown in the Czech Republic) would look like, if this had happened there. And vice versa – when I am looking at Most, I see what Pripyat would look, if nothing had happened.

Most, the town where I was born and where I still live was built on green fields, similar to Pripyat. The block of flats, where I live with my children, was approved in the same year that the foundations of Pripyat were laid. Most, like Pripyat, is a concrete town with no past and no history
There was a „predecessor“ town of Most which had a long history, but it does not exist anymore – it was erased from the map due to coal mine construction and operation, and the new concrete town is exactly like Pripyat was.

Most; the town of roses, and Pripyat; the town of youth – had one common motto: No one is more important than a power engineer! As well as that, both towns had something else in common – lifting and transporting oversize objects, even buildings. In 1975, the Gothic church was transported as a whole from the old Most to the new town, and similarly to this, the New Safe Confinement will be moved above the Unit 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in November 2016.

The citizens, foreign to each other, were moved to blocks of flats, interconnected with wide streets, boulevards, with parks full of flowers and newly planted trees. Both towns were divided into standalone quarters with nurseries, kindergartens, schools, gyms and stores. The only difference between these two towns is that Most are alive, and so I see every day, what Pripyat would have looked like, if it hadn't turned into a ghost town.

Do You know another “twin city” to Pripyat elsewhere in the world?

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