• 01/03/2016
  • Alex

Chernobyl needs your help and support. We have few days to make it a better place, a place without garbage from workers, tourists and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s. Help to preserve an important piece of the history of mankind and ensure your children can learn the lessons of the Chernobyl disaster and it’s legacy.


Help to preserve an important piece of the history of mankind and ensure your children can learn the lessons of the Chernobyl disaster and it’s legacy. Support us at Generosity and join join us in the movement in Chernobyl zone (April 5.-6. and 7.-8.) at [email protected]

30 years ago Pripyat and Chernobyl were the prototypes of state-of-the-art Soviet cities. In an environment of abundance, ONE moment changed people‘s happy lives forever. And also...the history of all mankind.

On April 26th 1986 at 1:23 there were two explosions at reactor number 4 of the V.I. Lenin Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Whereas officially, 30 people died due to the explosion, there were thousands of other victims and there are still hundreds of thousands of people affected by the radioactive material that was released into the atmosphere. Not a single place in the world was unaffected by these events at Chernobyl. 

The Chernobyl exclusion zone and Pripyat city have become a monument to human life, tragedy and the resilience of nature. It is an open-air museum of the Cold War era, a place that reminds us of the limits of our knowledge and how the arrogance of man can shape the destiny of millions of people. The place holds a unique fascination for many people; they love the silence, the ghostly atmosphere and the opportunity to experience moments of personal reflection on how we lead our lives.




Looking back at old photographs taken before the accident, two things sadden you. Firstly, you feel passionately for those displaced people who suddenly lost everything. Secondly, there is the graffiti, looted ruins and refuse. Unfortunately, some people do not give this unique place the respect it deserves and they leave their waste behind them. 

Movement to preserve Chernobyl

So many people LOVE the Chernobyl area and wish with all their hearts to preserve this unique and beautiful place for future generations and those people who are yet to come and explore. They have formed a movement to clean up the Chernobyl zone of all the waste and refuse brought here after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. We believe that there is around 10 tons of waste in Pripyat alone that belongs in landfill. 

CHERNOBYLwel.come, Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Administration, Ukrainian National Museum Chornobyl Museum in Kyiv together with other partners created the CLEAN UP CHERNOBYL project to clean up Chernobyl, Pripyat and Chernobyl-2 with the help of volunteers - people like you who really want to take care of Chernobyl and it‘s legacy. We want to show the Chernobyl zone to the world in the best and cleanest way possible on the 30th anniversary of the accident. It is a unique chance for us, responsible friends of the Chernobyl zone to make a real difference and to keep Chernobyl clean.

Our goal is to:

  • manually clean up all of Pripyat city with an area of  approximatelly 14 square kilometers 
  • manually clean up Chernobyl city and Chernobyl-2 (Duga radar)
  • involve at least 20-100 volunteers who will be provided with full protection (overall, cover gear, respirators, gloves), Geiger- Müller counter, full board accommodation (no alcohol), transport, a guide, radiation safety training and volunteer t-shirt.
  • fill up and take away over 10,000 bags full of waste (mostly plastic), in total - up to 15 tons

The minimum budget to get at least the most visited parts of Pripyat city clean is 5,000 USD. If we raise more, it will allow us to clean up an even bigger area!


Fixed costs:

  • campaign preparation 200 USD
  • operations - support and organization 200 USD
  • gifts to supporters (t-shirts, postcards sending) 200 USD

Variable costs per volunteer:

  • Transportation (from Kyiv to Chernobyl and back) - 30 USD
  • Hotel - 20 USD
  • Full board dining (2 days) - 25 USD
  • Protective gear - gloves, respirators, overall, disposable shoe covers, Geiger- Müller counter, hygiene and cleaning detergents - 110 USD
  • Working equipment – refuse sacks, waste grabbers, wheelbarrows 25 USD
  • Diplomas and t shirts awarded - 10 USD

TOTAL: 220 USD/volunteer

20 volunteers for 2 days is the minimum required to clean up 25% of Pripyat which are the most visited sites. 

Stretch goals

10,000 USD = 40 volunteers. This will clean up half of Pripyat!

20,000 USD = 80 volunteers. Wow! We will be able to clean up all of Pripyat city.

30,000 USD = 120 volunteers. We clean up Pripyat and Chernobyl-2 (Duga radar)

40,000 USD = 160 volunteers. We can clean up Pripyat, Chernobyl-2 (Duga radar), Chernobyl city, Kopachi, Zalyssia - all the places that are usually visited by tourists just like you, in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

THANK YOU for making it happen! Please become a Chernobyl hero - support Clean Up Chernobyl here


1. If I pledge/donate will you update me on your progress?

Yes! We will keep you informed all the way with online pictures, videos and postcards.

2. How long would each volunteer work?

Each person will work for 2 days (a maximum of 8 hours each day) and the volunteers will be organised by CHERNOBYLwel.come.

3. How do you ensure the safety of volunteers during the event?

All volunteers will be trained and instructed by the dosimetric department of Chernobyl exclusion zone. They will use mandatory protective gear: overalls, shoe covers, respirators and gloves and the leaders will be equipped with a Geiger-Muller Counter (to check the radiation level at all times). The areas chosen for cleaning up were carefully selected to avoid dangerous places and hotspots. Each day the volunteers will pass through at least one dosimetric control.

4. How do I volunteer my services?

Please apply at [email protected]. Please note, applicants who are backers (contributors) or significant backers, as well as those who have already visited Chernobyl exclusion zone in the past will have preference.  In order to join our team of volunteers, you need to have a valid passport and be physically in a good shape as you will be walking and picking up/carrying waste for almost 8 hours each day. Also, limitations that are valid for all Chernobyl Exclusion Zone visitors apply: you need to be 18 or above, no blood or heart problems and not pregnant.

5.  How will you stop volunteers throwing away things from pre 1986 by mistake?

Volunteers will be instructed to ONLY pick up plastic or glass bottles, packages etc., things that have clearly been left after 1986. Also there will be experienced and knowledgeable team leaders to oversee the operation.

6. How far do you go? Will you take away overgrown vegetation for example?

No, we will only remove waste brought by tourists, workers and/or stalkers.

7.  Will you be removing rubble and making crumbling buildings safe?

No, we don’t want to change anything that has happened due to the effects of the accident or through natural weathering.

8. Where will all the waste be taken and who is responsible for this?

The waste we collect will be taken to landfill by the services of the Chernobyl Zone Administration.

9. How long will the clean up operation take?

A total of 4 days, it will be completed by April 8th 2016, almost 30 years to the day since the Chernobyl disaster.

10. Why is the Clean Up Chernobyl project so important?

We need to keep the zone clean and clear and diminish any further risk of it becoming full of waste, so that future generations can visit.

11. What comes next?

We intend to continue to preserve this open-air ‘museum’ in its natural state. Our next project (2017) will include actions to keep Pripyat city in its original state.

12. How I will make sure the money I donate will be used for the purpose of cleaning up Pripyat?

We are collecting the money in a separate account in Germany which is transparent. At the end of the event we will provide our backers with a detailed spending report. We guarantee that 100% of raised funds will be used for organising and carrying out ‘CLEAN UP CHERNOBYL’.

Is there anything you would like to ask? Please write at: [email protected]