We are Chernobyling*

  • 10/06/2018
  • Martin

When writing an invitation, it is hard not to overpromise, because I want you to come. The truth is, it does not really matter what I want, what matters is if what we created resonates with you. So, and what we have created in one year after the first Chernobyling festival?

*Chernobyling - verb describing all activities connected to Chernobyl, mainly sightseeing, exploring and urbex.

  • Massive upgrade of the venue: Kyiv, VDNG exhibition centre, pavilion with a “lucky” number 13 with underground mine. 
  • Massive upgrade of the programme: Not just 3 but dozen thematic tours done by liquidators, VIPs or video game creators
  • Massive upgrade of the lineup: Instead of just 4 international bands we will have 30 bands and DJ’s…even one band from Chernobyl!
  • Massive upgrade of the Artistic works: instead of 1 art day in the zone we will have 2 days graffiti in the zone and 1 day of workshop in Kyiv
  • Massive upgrade of adrenaline: Not just human slingshot, but also shooting range, zorbing or VR
  • Massive upgrade of entertainment: Not just lectures, but also talks, workshops and cinema
  • Massive upgrade of tours: Not just to Chernobyl, but also Kyiv underground, missile base, tank ride tour or Kalashnikov shooting tour
  • Massive upgrade of price: Not a free day programme, but also paid evening concerts, underground pit etc…but common, its only 13 eur
  • Massive upgrade of help: Charity tour to Chernobyl (babushkas) and to Slavutych (kids programme)

…did I forget something. Oh, right! YOU! Massive upgrade of the festival overall can happen only if you and your friends will show up. This will become THE EXPERIENCE of this summer!

Looking forward to bump into you on the concert or at the bar!

Together we are Chernobyling

Dominik, idea maker Chernobyling