• 17/10/2018
  • Martin

Chernobyl is often connected with monsters & mutants. We can assure you that there is no such things as monsters.

You can read about it here. Disappointed? Well, there are some anomalies though. 

Catfish in Chernobyl cooling pond

One of them is definitely the monstrous catfish swimming in cooling ponds near Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. And guess what? You can feed them. It may sound pretty crazy and dangerous, but don't worry, these 50 to 70 kilos weighing catfish are huge not because of the radiation, but because there are no more predators that can hunt them down, so they grow up to unnatural sizes. Also, there are thousands of people coming to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone every year and most of them stops by to feed the catfish. Chernobyl catfish just adore eating bread, so if you got some, just throw it in the water and see the magical show. Seeing a catfish near a surface is very rare but see them eating a bread makes it even more interesting.

giant catfish in chernobyl

However, catfish in Chernobyl fall into winter sleep, so if you want to feed them, it is better to hurry up. The best time to feed these giants is in autumn or spring.

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