Experience the best that Ukraine can offer, including 2 days in Chernobyl!

The best of the best

Shooting from a real rifle & sneaking around Kyiv’s underground

Maximum experience

Free respirators and Geiger-Muller counters, only on the safe routes

Super safe

From pickup to drop-off, no additional costs

Full service

Final price per person:
429 €
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Experience the best that Ukraine can offer, including 2 days in Chernobyl!

The best of the best

Shooting from a real rifle & sneaking around Kyiv’s underground

Maximum experience

Free respirators and Geiger-Muller counters, only on the safe routes

Super safe

From pickup to drop-off, no additional costs

Full service


unforgettable days


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days in Chernobyl




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For those who are demanding. Spend your time in Ukraine to the fullest by choosing the 3-day ultimate urbex package, where you will experience the best that Kyiv and its surroundings can offer. There’s a huge amount of adventures waiting for you, including the 2 day trip to Chernobyl with an overnight stay in the exclusion zone, an unforgettable half-day urbex experience in the tunnels under the Ukraine’s capital with a visit of a fallout shelter, and – the cherry on the top of the package – a shooting range practice where you can shoot the legendary Kalashnikov rifle. This is one hell-of-an-experience with which you can show off to your friends back home, fill up your phone’s storage and charge yourself with this 101% new and unique experience. By the end of this tour, you’ll have taken hundreds of pictures and had made many unforgettable memories.

And all this at a discounted package price 429 Euro

The Ultimate 3 day Urbex Package includes:


The most exciting exploration you will ever encounter. By dedicating two days instead of just one for your Chernobyl travel, you will be rewarded with seeing at least 3 times more. Is it worth it, you might ask? The reviews by photographers, gamers, and fellow adventurers might help you, but they still might not be as complete as some of what you will see which is not to be spread online. Uncovering mysteries of iconic places, entering areas off the beaten track with sceneries that you have not yet seen in any Instagram feed, and going deep into the stories of Chernobyl heroes are just a fraction of the tour itinerary. Spending a night in the clean town of Chernobyl or in the city of Slavutych, that was built for evacuees, will give you a whole new perspective about not just the past, but also the future of the Chernobyl zone.

It is hard to imagine what is happening under your daily walk to work. An underground Urbex tour will dramatically expand your perspective of how a city can look underneath. Drainage tunnels, rivers, chambers, or even defense bunkers are waiting to be explored by you. As a highlight you will enter one such forgotten civil defense bunker where you will find artefacts and equipment untouched since the Cold War era.

Legend Lives! AK 47 is the most widespread machine gun worldwide (approximately 100 millions of them in the world). And the one that counts the most casualties. You are welcome to visit one of the very few places in the world where you can try it legally and absolutely, safely. Our private shooting range with a professional English instructor will take you through one of the most adrenaline-fueled experiences on the planet. Together with the legendary AK-47, you’ll also have the chance to try shooting from a Glock pistol and shotgun.

Due to actual constraints or weather conditions in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, CHERNOBYLwel.come keeps the right to change the program of the itinerary. But thanks to the experience of our guides, prepare to be amazed and mesmerized on a trip of your lifetime!


Our trained guides will guide you ONLY on health-non-hazardous places and trails. We ensure the dose of radiation received during 1 day spent in Chernobyl zone will not exceed 3-4 microsieverts (3-4% of nuclear power plant safety norms in EU), which is equivalent to around 4 hours on an intercontinental flight. Besides maximum safety, CHERNOBYLwel.come will take care of all documents, permits, transportation, insurance, dining, qualified guide and some surprise. Moreover, we will provide the most intense, most photogenic, and most adventurous trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Guaranteed

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Meet your guides


Sie ist einer dieser Menschen, die man trifft und sich sofort so fühlt, als würde man sich schon ewig kennen. Mit ihr fühlt sich Ihre Reise an als hätten Sie einen guten Freund nach langer Zeit wieder getroffen. Sie ist sehr fröhlich, abenteuerlustig, kreativ und offen. 2016 hat sie sich in Tschernobyl verliebt und diese Liebe beruht seitdem auf Gegenseitigkeit. 

Tanya Sonnenschein Guide

He will immerse you into the depths of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, take care of you and provide mental and emotional perception, atmospheric character, uniqueness and unforgettable of every yours day in a place, where time has stopped its course. BTW, don't be afraid of his third eye. It's definitely not the result of visiting the Zone!

Max Max Immersion

Dieses Mädchen ließ sich inspirieren von den verlassenen Gebäuden in Pripyat und der Natur in der Sperrzone. Nachdem sie diese Orte zum ersten mal mit chernobylwel.come besuchte, suchte sie nach Möglichkeiten mehr Zeit dort zu verbringen, um die Zone besser kennenzulernen und alle Geheimnisse zu entdecken. Und der beste Weg um dies zu tun, war ein chernobyl Tour Guide zu werden.

Lara Lara Radioactive Blonde

Tschernobyl wurde Kates zweites Zuhause seit Mitte 2016. Wenn Sie ihr Nahe kommen passen Sie auf andere von Katies Freunden auf, Wölfe, Füchse usw. Die Hunde der Zone sind ihre Hüter, also machen sie sie besser nicht wütend. Mit Ihr als Reiseleiterin vergessen Sie niemals in enzyklopädisches Wissen, schwarzen Humor und Pink Dozie.

Katka Pripyat Firefox

Julia is the one who loves people and getting to know them. She loves exploring the zone and is also addicted to share it all with you. She loves to tell the stories about the zone and make you feel like you're wandering with an old friend, as she's very caring and friendly guide with who you'll feel like you know each other for years.

Julia The Caretaker

Once had seen "Chernobyl Diaries" her heart was frozen in fright. She totally couldn't sleep, eat and live. Those secrets must be found! Inspite of being filled with horror at the thought of going to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Halina made a leap in the dark. She is waiting for you to open new mortal places together.

Halina Horror Lover

Helga is like a Viking - she has no fear, no worries and she's full of enthusiasms for exploring, sharing the information with you and showing all incredible places. During her tour you’ll see and know how it was to live in Soviet times, feel this unique atmosphere of ghost city Pripyat, you’ll be impressed by gigantic Russian Woodpecker (Duga) and, of course, you’ll visit the most famous place – Amusement Park. It won’t be usual excursion, it will be a great adventure! Also, if you're a photographer, Helga will take you to all her favorite places with great photo-opportunities!

Helga The Viking
Andrej Otroshko