Baikonur Cosmodrome 5 Days Tour (Kazakhstan)

Go in the footsteps of the first man in space

Spirit of Yuri Gagarin

Rocket launch into space from a close distance

Watch it live

Learn about mans space exploration from its beginnings

Dive deep

From pickup to drop off, no additional costs

Full service

Full price for Baikonur tour:
1 999 €
Next launch of a rocket: 09.09.2019
Go in the footsteps of the first man in space

Spirit of Yuri Gagarin

Rocket launch into space from a close distance

Watch it live

Learn about mans space exploration from its beginnings

Dive deep

From pickup to drop off, no additional costs

Full service


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When people left planet Earth…

There is no other place in the world where you can truly ‘feel’ the space exploration by mankind other than Baikonur in Kazakhstan. It is the world’s first and largest cosmodrome built by the Soviets in the 1950’s. Sputnik, the world’s first satellite was launched from this cosmodrome in 1957, followed by the first human space flight with astronaut Yuri Gagarin onboard the ‘Vostok’ space shuttle on April 12th, 1961. Since then over 1,200 space rockets were launched into the cosmos from this base and it currently has a busy schedule, as it is managed by the Russian space agency Roscosmos (that leases a territory almost 7000 sq. kilometres from Kazakhstan) until 2050. Almost every month there is a space shuttle launch which you can be a part of!

Taking tour to Baikonur with our local guide and space expert and visiting the facilities and objects that were used for space exploration in the past, makes these days spent in the Kazakh desert a once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a few people a year can cherish.

Besides sightseeing in Baikonur city, it’s Soviet roots, and watching the roll-out of the space shuttle, excursions in the Baikonur cosmodrome museum and the international space school, a cosmodrome tour, visiting the Buran spacecraft and the houses of first astrounaut Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev bringing up stories and challenging mass media information, will give you a new perspective on the Soviet space programme, as well as space exploration nowadays.

The roll-out of the spacecraft is one of the most exciting moments of the tour when a giant rocket is transported to the launchpad. It is moved very slowly with a speed of 5 km/h following by technicians and security officers. This is a unique single chance for visitors to watch the spacecraft so close and make excellent pictures. After delivering to the pad the rocket is installed by special erector. Watching this process from nearby is a culmination of the first day program at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

TIP: Broaden your Kazakh experience by visiting the Aral Sea or Semipalatinsk Polygon - former Soviet nuclear test site


  • 22.08.2019 - unmanned Soyuz-МC-14
  • 25.09.2019 - manned Soyuz-МC-15 
  • 30.09.2019 - Proton launch
  • 20.12.2019 -  unmanned Progress МС-13


  • General sightseeing of the town of Baikonur
  • Baikonur town museum
  • International space school
  • Walk along the historical alley of Cosmonauts
  • Cosmonauts’ press-conference room (Pad 254)
  • Watching the roll-out of the rocket
  • Gagarin launch pad 1
  • Progress launch pad 31
  • Proton launch pad 81
  • Museum of the Baikonur cosmodrome
  • Gagarin’s and Korolev’s historical cottages
  • Buran orbital spaceship
  • Energia-Buran launching facilities
  • Energia Bunker
  • Yubileyniy airfield for the Buran orbiter
  • Memorial of died missilemen (Pad 41)
  • Saturn tracking station
  • Launch of the rocket

The cosmodrome (and the city of Baikonur) is a strictly guarded territory of Russian Federation where special rules apply. To obtain a permit to enter the area, all the information and payment need to be received no later than 55 days prior to the tour. The launch of a rocket into space is unfortunately not guaranteed. Due to weather conditions or other circumstances, there is an approximately 15% chance that the planned start will not take place. CHERNOBYLwel.come reserve the right to change the program.

Useful information

The tour starts and ends in capital city Nur-Sultan (former Astana), Kazakhstan, where our guide will pick you up. In case you'll come to Nur-Sultan sooner and want a help with managing the accommodation, please contact our Customer Care. The price of the trip includes transfer from Nur-Sultan to Baikonur and back with comfortable car with A/C; official permit for entering the closed and guarded Baikonur city and the area of cosmodrome; accommodation; full pension & non-stop services of our guide. Flight or train ticket to/from Nur-Sultan (former Astana) a is not included in the price. 

For a trip to Kazakhstan, most of the tourists don't need visas, just valid passport. Before booking the tour, please check if your passport is still valid. Don't forget to take your passport with you when traveling anywhere to Kazakhstan and also to Baikonur city and cosmodrome (territories leased by Russia). 

Traveling to Kazakhstan is completely safe. Baikonur city is situated on the south part of the Kazakhstan near Kyzylorda city, which historically developed around the Syr Darya river and now has more than 200 000 inhabitants, who are very nice and hospitable by nature. Kyzylorda region has a cold desert climate with hot summers and cold winters.


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