"The Chernobyl exclusion zone was an incredible place and the Chernobyl.welcome tour group was very accommodating and engaging whilst leading us across the exclusion zone."

Like the cooling towers, police station and military vehicle scrapyard in Pripyat.

Special locations

Meet Chernobyl babushkas

Meet Chernobyl babushkas

Free respirators and Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters)

Super safe

From pickup to drop off, no additional costs

Full service

Final price per person:
279 €
Earliest upcoming tour: 23.11.2018
Like the cooling towers, police station and military vehicle scrapyard in Pripyat.

Special locations

Meet Chernobyl babushkas

Meet Chernobyl babushkas

Free respirators and Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters)

Super safe

From pickup to drop off, no additional costs

Full service


unforgettable days


dosimetric controls


breathtaking Soviet stops


abandoned buildings


captivating photographs


This is THE tour, the flagship among all Chernobyl tours, the ultimate experience.

Included is the ‘mandatory’ exploration of the secrets and history of the ghost city of Pripyat, the mysterious secret military radar Duga as well as a visit close to the ‘well-known’ Chernobyl nuclear power plant. On top of the ‘must haves’ you might also meet some of the Chernobyl babushkas (it's not 100% guaranteed, but highly probable - depending on the situation) who returned to live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone after the evacuation. You will have a chance to peek into the hidden parts of the ghost town Pripyat, even into it’s still operational parts or departments. Unfinished cooling towers, abandoned fish laboratory, farm, Jupiter factory, bus station, police and fire departments… there are unlimited places to discover and this tour adjusts to your preference.

Not only during the expedition itself, but also while relaxing in the Chernobyl hotel, you will learn new facts about the whole project of the V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, as well as about the accident that followed. Thanks to experts, for example, some of our tours are accompanied by the former Head of Police dept. in Pripyat: Aleksei Moskalenko, the Deputy Mayor: Aleksandr Esaulov as well as the CHERNOBYLwel.come guide who is equipped with past photos of Pripyat and Chernobyl, you will be travelling in time, back to 1986. You will feel yourself drawn into the communist propaganda and it’s artifacts – buildings, signs, slogans and military machinery, which will be imprinted in your memory FOREVER. 

The program and places visited are subject to change due to actual constrains in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Entering buildings in Pripyat is, unfortunately, now prohibited (since 2012).


Our trained guides, Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters) and Dosimetric control at least twice a day will ensure you stay safe throughout your whole stay in Chernobyl. The radiation level in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is on average slightly higher than the natural background radiation, however the dose of radiation received in 2 days spent in Chernobyl and Pripyat won’t exceed 8 microsieverts (4% the daily nuclear power plant safety norms in EU), which is equivalent to around 7 hours on an intercontinental flight. Besides maximum safety, CHERNOBYLwel.come will take care of all documents, permits, transportation, insurance, dining, qualified guides and a surprise. Moreover, we will provide the most intense, most photogenic and most adventurous trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Guaranteed.


How we help 1% of the price goes directly to support the Chernobyl babushkas. Learn more about our charity efforts. For every Tripadvisor review we plant a tree in Chernobyl zone.
Together we are helping the zone to recover. Read more With your help, we also support the Dobrý Anjel programme. Charity efforts

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Meet your guides

A real stalker and researcher of the Chernobyl zone, for several years now Viki has travelled throughout the exclusion zone, visiting the most unusual and mystical places of Chernobyl. Viki continuously studies the history of Chernobyl, especially the lyrical aspects of the tragedy. Chernobyl zone is her great love.

Viki Chernobyl Stalker

She is one of those people whom you meet and feel like you've known for years. Your trip would seem as though you‘ve met a very good friend who you haven't seen for a while. She is very cheerful, adventurous, creative and open minded. She fell in love with Chernobyl in 2016 and since then their love has been mutual.

Tanya Tanya Sunshine Guide

A young, daring person filled with life, energy and an exuberance that tends to be contagious. She is brave enough to step out of her comfort zone into another kind of zone - the exclusion one :) Being deeply curious about everything in the world, she is always ready to share her knowledge with others.

Tania Lara Chernobyl Croft Guide

Chernobyl became Kate's second home in mid 2016. Be close to her and be aware of wolves, foxes and other of Katie's friends. The dogs that live inside the zone are her guardians, so try not to make her angry. Get her as your guide and you will never forget her encyclopedic knowledge, black humour and pink dozie.

Katka Pripyat FireFox

Maria loves to travel. She already visited a lot of places, but the spirit of adventure still lives in her, and she continues to explore the world. She set off on her path in the Chernobyl zone as a tourist last year, but this area has always been a part of her life. The roots of her family are there.

Maria Chernobyl Explorer

This girl got inspired by the abandoned places of Pripyat and the nature in the exclusion zone. Having visited these places for the first time with CHERNOBYLwel.come, she was looking for the opportunity to spend more time in the zone to reveal all it‘s secrets. The best way to do it was to become a Chernobyl tour guide.

Lara Chernobyl Croft Guide

Native Kyivan, born in USSR, Alex himself was riddled by the real cause of the Chernobyl disaster since he was a schoolboy in 1986. Between that year and joining the guide squad of CHERNOBYLwel.come: ‘the All Star Team‘, as he calls it - Alex managed to graduate twice in liberal arts, get admitted to the Kyiv Bar & studied English and Italian.

Aleks Chernobyl Prodigy

Chernobyl from your perspective

Travel with your finger to places that you will soon experience in person