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"One of the reasons I chose Chernobylwel.come is the email communication before the trip. Quick friendly responses and they didn't mind answering my continuous string of questions! We did the..."

We design the program together with you for an ultimate experience that meets your budget

Tailored for you

Access to no-go zones, retro cars, drones, a power plant excursion, a permit for your own car, optional helicopter or boat trips

Impossible is nothing

Free respirators, dosimetric control twice a day and free loan of Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters)

Super safe

Pick-up and drop off at your hotel for no additional cost

Full service

Final price per person for your selected dates:
from 119 €
*More friends, more fun! Price adjusts with the number of people
We design the program together with you for an ultimate experience that meets your budget

Tailored for you

Access to no-go zones, retro cars, drones, a power plant excursion, a permit for your own car, optional helicopter or boat trips

Impossible is nothing

Free respirators, dosimetric control twice a day and free loan of Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters)

Super safe

Pick-up and drop off at your hotel for no additional cost

Full service

1 - 5

days from dusk till dawn


places to choose from


days a year

2 600

square kilometres to explore

moments captured with your camera


Impossible is nothing. Whether you are a passionate professional, journalist going to uncover new perspectives, ambitious movie maker, unordinary explorer, photo hunter....or just a person who likes to wander around at his own pace with his own preferences and in the most comfortable way. Then this is the Chernobyl tour that hits your list. Favorite tour option for groups of friends especially in post-Corona pandemic times when you do not want to be sitting in a bus with strangers.


Private tours, which allow visitors to the Chernobyl zone the opportunity to see the places usually hidden from group tours and to enter parts of the city of Pripyat and the Exclusion Zone that are rarely seen on tours at all. Additionally, you can cherry-pick the locations you are interested in and it is still the only tour you can find where you meet and talk to the real heroes of Chernobyl – liquidators and witnesses. You can choose from 1-5 days, or even more (in this case, please contact Customer Care directly) and accommodate for any number of travelers (the maximum so far is 150 people in one group, can you beat that?).


From the very first contact until the farewell at your address in Kyiv, you will experience the premium service for a reasonable price, of course all included. That attitude will not pamper you, but instead, will give you the freedom to access even the no-go places, while enhancing your adrenaline rush. Your Chernobyl program will be settled the way that even at the most touristic spots you will have a chance to be the only one. Whether it is the swimming pool, new sarcophagus over the Chernobyl power station, Hotel Polissya, hospital, kindergarden, ferris wheel ... or even places in Pripyat that have rarely been visited like the morgue, open-air dance floor, abandoned tank ISU-152, radioactive grab, underground shooting range, gasmask storage, radioactive soil laboratory, greenhouses, houseboat, abandoned cranes, the unfinished power plant units No.5 and 6 and more. Not enough? To really time-travel back to the Soviet Union you are welcome to drive the legendary Soviet car, Volga seen in Chernobyl series and, even dress up like a liquidator.


Your own professional and skilled guide, who can speak one of the seven offered languages will make sure your program will be based on your preferences and should you have any special requests, please feel free to ask either Customer Care or the guide on your tour. And, for the private tours only, we offer you a possibility to get know your guide via videocall.


The Private Chernobyl tour gives you enough time in the places that matter to you:

  • You like it flexible – booking a tour for tomorrow? Sure, we can!
  • Want to drive your own car to the zone? Absolutely! Enjoy 100 €/day deduction from your tour price 😉
  • Sunset or sunrise in Pripyat? No problem!
  • Spending the whole day around machinery? Yes!
  • Taking an in-depth tour around Chernobyl power plant? Sure!
  • Evening talk over a beer with one of the liquidators, or dinner at babushka? With pleasure!
  • Bringing Chernobyl babushkas some groceries for a mutual lunch? Yes, please!
  • Owning a caravan, tent, or motorbike? We even have a camping site next to Chernobyl zone ready for you!
  • Fly a helicopter or drive a boat at the river Pripyat? Hell yeah!


NEW: Virtual Reality on a private tour! Virtual Reality can help you imagine how the Zone looks like from above or from the inside of some of the buildings that cannot be entered today. Thanks to this unique experience you can fly over the Amusement park, stand on the top of the DUGA radar or walk through the grammar school, hospital or kindergarten. The shivering moments that enhance your Chernobyl private tour.



Visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone without visiting the Power Plant itself is like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower, or worse, not seeing the Notre-Dame. You were there, but the experience wasn’t 101%, right? With a (up to) 4-hour safe visit of the (in)famous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, you’ll maximize your Chernobyl experience to the top! Get all dressed up in the white overalls used back in the Soviet Union by the power plant workers to wander around the golden corridors connecting all units, to see the memorial of Valeriy Khodymchuk – engineer who was never found, to enter the underground safety room, Unit 3 Main Circulation Pump room, Central Control Room and most of all, the Unit Control Room with a chance to press the legendary AZ-5 button, which was pressed too late on that very night of April 26, 1986. Now you are becoming an insider of Chernobyl. One of just 0.1% of tourists who visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone annually enter the Chernobyl power plant itself. Not an everyday treat, but it is worth the 159 €/person (extended Control room unit 4 excursion: 179 €/person)


Since Establishing our tours in 2008 with the promise of making visits to Chernobyl finally safe and accessible for international travelers, we keep on improving our safety procedures not just by giving you free of charge dosimeters (Geiger-Muller Counters), respirators, disinfection, and taking you through the verified and cleaned paths, but we will also provide you with at least 3 dosimetric controls a day so you will feel comfortable on your journey back home. Also, we help you leave your Chernobyl legacy with free postcards, a free t-shirt and a free ticket to the Chernobyl museum in Kyiv. The Chernobyl Private Tour with CHERNOBYLwel.come will become your life changing tour, where you do not need to take care of anything else other than hitting your list of places you are excited about with stories we provide. Thank you for not compromising on quality when traveling to Chernobyl.

During the Corona pandemic, we have ensured the absolute safety of you and your fellow travelers by an airline-level disinfection and precautionary measurements: temperature check, face masks, gloves, antibacterial gel, disinfected buses and cars etc. Together we can make sure you come back home safe and thrilled. For more details please read THIS BLOG. Additionally, private tours can show you the breath-taking Chernobyl nuclear power plant, including the control room and underground bunker. 


Our trained guides, Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters) and Dosimetric controls at least twice a day will ensure you stay safe throughout your whole stay in the Chernobyl zone. The radiation level in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is on average slightly higher than the natural background radiation, however, the dose of radiation received in 1 day spent in Chernobyl and Pripyat will not exceed 4 microsieverts (4% per day of the daily nuclear power plant safety norms in EU), which is equivalent to approximately 4 hours on an intercontinental flight. Whilst visiting the Chernobyl power plant, you will benefit from maximum safety measures; there is a limited (non hazardous) amount of beta radiation present. In addition to maximum safety measures, CHERNOBYLwel.come takes care of all documents, permits, transport, insurance, dining, a qualified guide and some surprises.

Furthermore, we will provide the most in-depth, most photogenic, and most adventurous trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Guaranteed.

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 1% of the tour price goes directly to support the Chernobyl Babushkas. Learn more about our charity efforts. Read more
 For every Tripadvisor review we plant a tree in the Chernobyl zone. Together we are helping the zone recover. Read more
 With your help we support children with cancer, via charity Dobry Anjel. Many Thanks! Read more

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Chernobyl Power Plant Excursion 159 EUR / person
399 1 10 = 3990

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Meet your guides

Nataly believes a life without adventure is a life without meaning. From a young age she had a passion for exploring which even led her to journey through Chernobyl by herself as a stalker. Her excitement increases with each excursion as every visit reveals new secrets and stories which have been kept hidden. Fortune favours the bold and Natalie’s braveness has left her with valuable and insightful knowledge that she wishes to share with others.

Nataly Lady Adventure

He will immerse you into the depths of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, take care of you and provide mental and emotional perception, atmospheric character, uniqueness and unforgettable of every yours day in a place, where time has stopped its course. BTW, don't be afraid of his third eye. It's definitely not the result of visiting the Zone!

Max Max Immersion

Chernobyl became Kate's second home in mid 2016. Be close to her and be aware of wolves, foxes and other of Katie's friends. The dogs that live inside the zone are her guardians, so try not to make her angry. Get her as your guide and you will never forget her encyclopedic knowledge, black humour and pink dozie.

Katka Pripyat FireFox

This girl got inspired by the abandoned places of Pripyat and the nature in the exclusion zone. Having visited these places for the first time with CHERNOBYLwel.come, she was looking for the opportunity to spend more time in the zone to reveal all it‘s secrets. The best way to do it was to become a Chernobyl tour guide.

Lara Lara Radioactive Blonde

At first sight, Olya looks like a smiling little girl with that kiddo expressions in her face. But don't be fooled, she's one of our most experienced guides with a lot of knowledge about the Zone. She's super-fascinated by the radiation and sometimes declares herslef as a radiation hunter. Maybe that's why she has time for guiding tours in English, Czech and German. She's our little superhero!

Olya The most radioactive one

Alex is always "hunting" new cool places in the Zone, so if you are going to the Zone for the second or third time, for sure ask for Alex. He knows all the special places thanks to which you'll have a new experience from the "same place". Alex is very skilled and friendly guide who will make your trip unforgettable.

Alex The Hunter

Julia is the one who loves people and getting to know them. She loves exploring the zone and is also addicted to share it all with you. She loves to tell the stories about the zone and make you feel like you're wandering with an old friend, as she's very caring and friendly guide with who you'll feel like you know each other for years.

Julia The Caretaker

Once had seen "Chernobyl Diaries" her heart was frozen in fright. She totally couldn't sleep, eat and live. Those secrets must be found! Inspite of being filled with horror at the thought of going to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Halina made a leap in the dark. She is waiting for you to open new mortal places together.

Halina Horror Lover

Helga is like a Viking - she has no fear, no worries and she's full of enthusiasms for exploring, sharing the information with you and showing all incredible places. During her tour you’ll see and know how it was to live in Soviet times, feel this unique atmosphere of ghost city Pripyat, you’ll be impressed by gigantic Russian Woodpecker (Duga) and, of course, you’ll visit the most famous place – Amusement Park. It won’t be usual excursion, it will be a great adventure! Also, if you're a photographer, Helga will take you to all her favorite places with great photo-opportunities!

Helga The Viking

This girl is obsessed with sharing her knowledge and emotions with people. She knows exactly how to make you feel the spirit of the Soviet Union and the horror of the Chernobyl disaster. First-time Yulia saw wildlife of the exclusion zone, it made an unforgettable impression on her vision of life. So be sure, with her help you'll be stunned by the superiority of nature over man.

Yulia Emitter of emotions